Moraz Herbal Pregnancy Foot Cream – 100 ml


Provides Quick Relief for Tired & Sore Feet | Provides Relaxed, Cool, and Refreshing Effect | Rich in Herbal Extracts & Natural Oils | 100% Safe and Natural | 65% Herbal extract

PROVIDES RELIEF QUICKLY – The herbal extracts and natural oils specifically target poor feet condition, swelling, circulation and uncomfortable feeling, hence ensuring quick relief.

DEEPLY SOOTHES AND NOURISHES FEET – This Foot Cream rehabilitates and nourishes the skin of your feet during pregnancy and after birth to get you back on your feet for good!

TOTAL CARE OF YOUR FEET – This Moisturizing Foot Cream improves blood flow, helps reduce swelling and softens the skin of your feet to prevent dryness during pregnancy and post birth.

RICH IN MEDICAL HERB EXTRACTS AND PURE OILS – Polygonum is known as one of the best plants to treat a wide range of skin problems and assists in growth of skin and connective tissues.

100% SAFE, NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS – Free of parabens, hydroquinone, SLS, glycols, mineral oil, petroleum and halogenated preservatives.

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