It‘s all about Nature!

Moraz, The Secret Power of Herbs


A simple love story!


There once was a little girl who lived in Jezreel Valley. She loved climbing trees and playing and running barefoot in the open fields. She would come home beaming and smiling but also bruised and scratched from the thorns and tree splinters she got on the way. While wandering, the girl discovered a beautiful field with wildflowers where she enjoyed playing.

Lo and behold, her bruises and scratches started to heal on their own. Her father, who saw this happening with his own eyes, went with his daughter back to the field and found out that it was filled with wild Polygonum… As Faith would have it, the little girl’s father was none other than Eliyahu Yahel, a renowned researcher and botanist. He discovered the wondrous properties of the Polygonum plant and became the founder of Moraz Medical Herbs Ltd.

The rest is history…
Today, with the little girl already a grown woman, millions of people around the world enjoy the therapeutic and healing benefits of the Polygonum plant. All thanks to that playful little girl and her scientist father.

From Raw Material Cultivation to Production

Moraz Medical Herbs Ltd harnesses the power of nature. Leveraging its R&D and production, Moraz has been manufacturing its skincare products based on various medicinal plants for many years. One of the main ingredients is the Polygonum plant, which has been known since biblical times for its amazing nurturing and skincare properties

Moraz grows this remarkable healing plant in its fields in the Galilee and Jezreel Valley, Northern Israel region, with full control over the supply and production chain from field to end product. The unique climate and soil of the Galilee and the Jezreel Valley make this region ideal for this plant to grow to its full potential, with optimal biochemical properties and rich in elements, vitamins, and natural acids that protect, balance, and soothe the skin making all products derived from this plant unique and holistic.

It’s all about Nature!

Over the years, Moraz has developed unique methods for extracting plant essences for leveraging their different properties. The company also uses exclusive production techniques to produce outstanding skincare products for solving various skin conditions while protecting and nourishing the skin. Using Mother Nature’s Resources, we develop our products by combining simple ingredients and innovative technology. The holistic qualities of the herbal extracts are based on cutting-edge formulas with very high herbal concentrations varying from 60 to 99% to provide safe and effective products for all family members.


Moraz works relentlessly to develop new formulas for producing effective products that comply with the highest quality standards, including fair trade practices.

All our products are environmentally responsible with minimum waste of resources. We promise effective products with high Herbal Concentration in vegan formulas and without any animal-based ingredients or tested on animals.